2015 Editor's Introduction

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2015 Editor’s Introduction

We are pleased to publish the third volume of the 2015 Journal of Emerging Dance Scholarship (JEDS). In this journal are 6 articles from doctoral students presenting research at the 2014 World Dance Alliance Global Summit held July 6-11 in Angers, France. Each article discusses dance within the diverse geographical contexts of each author, thus opening exciting possibilities and numerous points of view for how dance might be practiced and analyzed in the future. Even though the articles in this edition were limited to those postgraduate scholars presenting at the global summit, each went through a rigorous review process with noted dance scholars from around the world. As the editors overseeing the review process, it was very heartening to watch the reviewers share supportive comments and insights to the emerging scholars, who are becoming the future voices of dance. The dance community truly is one in which scholars generously share their expertise, their wisdom, and their care for those undertaking descriptions of movement practices in languages that are often not their native tongue. The editors congratulate these scholars and reviewers for their patience, their hard work, and their continued passion for dance.

JEDS was developed through the sponsorship of the World Dance Alliance to support emerging dance scholars as they become important and necessary forces for dance in the 21 century. Most importantly, all authors represent new ideas, new insights, and new imaginings for how possible pathways may be forged throughout their ongoing dance journeys. To navigate through the articles, please click on the link to each author under the JEDS theme, How Dance is Analyzed and Re-Imagined in Diverse Settings. Here you will find an abstract and bio for each author followed by a link to the article’s full-text.

The editors of JEDS now want to invite potential editors working outside the English language. These editors will need to organize reviewers and authors representing their native languages as well as format the reviewed articles to meet the JEDS platform needs. If there are any dance scholars interested in this opportunity, please contact Linda Caldwell at the email address listed below.

Linda Caldwell, Ph.D., (lcaldwell2@twu.edu) Professor and Coordinator of Doctoral Studies in Dance, Department of Dance, Texas Woman’s University, USA (World Dance AllianceAmericas – https://twu.edu/dance/faculty-and-staff/dr-linda-caldwell/)

Urmimala Sarkar, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Theatre and Performance Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. (World Dance Alliance-Asia Pacific – http://www.wda-ap.org/executive-board/)



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